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released February 9, 2014



all rights reserved


~ Moscow, Idaho

~ is an experimental and folk project from Moscow.

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Track Name: Monday
I just woke up
Trying to open my eyes
In sudden i realized
That i love you
I decided to call
To make you know it well
I took a phone
In my hand
And dialed up your number
I heard discreting sounds
At last i heard your voice
You've said "Hello"
And smile came across my face
I just said that i love you
And you hung down the phone
I'll never change my view
So thus i'll die alone
I even didn't imagine
Such a situation
But i didn't regret about it at all
Because i felt alright
I don't oblige you to love me
It's simply silly
But i really love you
And this is the thing to be said
Track Name: Second of October
One girl invited me to party
I came there 'cause i thought she's hearty
She said me there will be two girl
That time i used to think of her
We met and got into the disco
We sat and started our discourse
You're such an interesting miss 'cause
I felt so high but my mind still tossed
To and fro, go forth and back
Common sense, please come, i beg
At last my heart was tired of this
You swept it and have not released

We hug goodbye is being said
The strongest hug i've ever had
When i got home from sky above
I surely felt that this is love
Some days left from first conversation
And i went back to metro station
I thought of being asked do i hold you
I said "Yes" and our kiss just came true
I remember that day, Second of October
I remember that day sky wasn't sombre
You have cuddled me up in a metro train
I ascended out the Universe, i retain
Track Name: Absence
I look into the crowd
Wish i got your face found
Hearing the sunset sound
Your absence makes a wound
Track Name: September
It watches me right through my window
It's also called August's widow
This time my cigarette is always lit up
September, my September, my gold kingdom
Track Name: Leave
I got one intention
To take you with me
It is strong temptation
Your eyes i can see
It's time for action
Leaving home what for?
I'd go back to inception
Realized i want more

So take my hand
I want to go through it with you
I feel too bad
To overcome this issue
Track Name: I'm not a hipster anymore
I used to be a hipster some time ago
I'm not the one for now so let me go, please
I'm not a hipster anymore
I'm not a hipster anymore
Track Name: Depth
Balancing on a thin line
I decided to survive
Only i need is a deep dive
But i almost not value my life
Speed increases in a second
I'm ready for new record
Who could find the way at all
Everyone bounces like a ball

The breath i gather
I would rather
Fashioned into a thought
That life is too short
To abort the decisions,
Deny visions,
To change some measures
And find some treasures
All you're searching for is already you
Don't start to want more
You'll never know the truth

Thank the nature
For things you got
It's not all gone faith
It's time to start
I was given the real aim
I still don't why and i exclaim
The most useless thing is a crime
Because the best weapon is time